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Jet boat Repair & Services

A jet boat is propelled by a jet of water ejected from the rear of the boat. Unlike a motorboat that uses an external propeller in the water below or behind the boat, a jet boat, pulls water from under the boat through an intake into a pump-jet inboard, before expelling it through a nozzle located outside of the transom. Jet boats often include a flat, vertically hinged piece of aluminum that helps with steering. Common performance modifications include a nozzle diverter attachment.

Basic general service comprising of Oil and filter renewal. Basic engine health checkup, mechanical adjustments of engine timing, fuel injection timing and valve lashes. Renewal of mechanical components such as Fuel injectors, Fuel pumps, valve train elements etc. Diagnosis of engines with Electronic Diagnostic Tools along with Engine Data Logging during sea trials for troubleshooting. Water jet repairs for impeller adjustments, Hydraulic actuator adjustments and repairs, renewal of bearings, shafts and seals.

Boat engine and water jet – Overhaul:

Our technicians are trained to overhaul engines of multi brands using OEM spares. Our procedures involve use of OEM specified tools jigs and fixtures for handling engines with ease during overhaul.
Water jet overhaul activity comprises repair on impellers and impeller ducts, anti-fouling, renewal of bearings, repair and dynamic balancing of main shafts, overhaul of hydraulic actuators and repairs of onboard control electrical and electronics. (Engine test facility is available)
In emergency situations, we do deploy our skilled technicians to overhaul inboard engines and water jets at client site.

Boat engine and water jet – Renewal:

We offer engine replacement solutions starting from power range of 24 HP up-to 1000 HP for obsolete or un-repairable engines on re-power projects or new installations. Complete package including supply, installation and commissioning of engines is available or just supply of engine alone. We offer engine power curve and propeller curves from the OEM to ensure perfect balance between power and speed requirements. Water jet renewal is available for obsolete brands and new installations with water jet ranges available from a min. input power range of 50 HP up to a maximum of 2000 HP.
Electronic controls are offered with CAN bus technologies and electro hydraulic integrated drive by wire systems- such as Joystick controls, Auto-pilot, Virtual anchor, Intelligent self-monitoring system, up to 4 x water-jets and up to 6 x control stations. Technical support is also provided during installation and commissioning.