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Electric Boat

Esam Marine offer full service and repair solutions to both privately owned electric boats and comercial operators. From preventative annual maintenance to emergency repairs mid-season our engineers have an unrivalled range of experience.

The heart of an electric boat is of course the motor and control system.While all electric boats operate on the same principles we are yet to find two boats exactly alike! Whether an original system from the 1980’s or a modern installation we are able to offer a full range of servicing and refurbishment for motors, controllers and throttle units.

We are able to work with the full range of inboard, outboard and pod motors. Where access requires the vessel to be taken out the water we are happy to offer our own facilities or, if you prefer, your local marina can be used.

Electric Boat Batteries

An electric boat is nothing without a healthy battery bank! A significant investment, it is critical that your batteries are well matched to the propulsion system and your proposed use. If properly specified you should be able to cruise quite happily without range anxiety and comfortable in the knowledge that your batteries are not being over-used, drastically improving their useful lifetime.

The range of battery technologies and constantly changing advice can initially seem intimidating. Our first hand experience with the full range of Wet Lead-Acid, Maintenance Free Gel or Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) and Lithium means we are more than happy to discuss which would best suit your indiviudal application and budget.

Services we offer: