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Gear Repair

The fluid check indicates the first sign of possible wear and damage. A transmission in good condition will have a clear red fluid. If your fluid is discolored or has unpleasant odor, this may be an indication of internal wear and damage which is occurring as you drive your vehicle. An unpleasant odor and discoloration, in combination with other symptoms, may require an internal inspection of your transmission. We offer a transmission fluid change service to help ensure your transmission continues to operate at its best for years to come.

Esam Marine offers various engine room cleaners and maintenance products. These include filter cleaners, solvent cleaners, air cooler cleaners, deck cleaners, carbon removers, oil dispersants and many more.

As the largest rotating equipment service provider in the Middle East, Intersel is equipped to offer complete repair, overhauling, and housing reclaiming services for gearboxes up to 80 tons in weight. We also offer replacement and repair services for gear shafts up to 2,500 mm. 

The Intersel Advantage

  • We offer a generous warranty for every gearbox repair and overhaul we complete for our clients. It’s a reflection of our quality of work and useful information for clients predicting preventive maintenance shutdowns. 
  • Every industry has different gearbox requirements. The oil and gas industry requires rig and top drive gearboxes (among others) for upstream and high-speed gearboxes for mid and downstream operations. Wastewater treatment might require underwater gearboxes, heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant. From its housing and seals to gear material and construction, there is a substantial variety of gearboxes based on their industrial applications, and our extensive experience allows us to cater to virtually all of them. 
  • Our on-site capabilities, which are a valid option for several gearbox repairs and overhauling jobs, offer a significant benefit to clients with mission-critical gearboxes out of commission. 
  • Our reverse-engineering capabilities allow us to offer complete repair and overhauling services for legacy gearboxes or custom designs with no OEM designs available.

Intersel Gearbox Services